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What is an Enduring Power of Attorney?

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is a legal document which provides a trusted person with the authority to act for you and to make legally binding decisions on your behalf. These decisions include financial, property, personal care or lifestyle and health decisions.  

When does an Enduring Power of Attorney become effective?

The person making the EPA (you, referred to as ‘the principal’) may state in the document when and how the EPA is exercisable.  An EPA for financial and property matters may be expressed to commence in a range of circumstances. For example, immediately, starting on a specific date or upon loss of legal capacity.  Legal capacity relates to a person's ability to fully understand the nature and implication of the document they are signing and may relate to a person's state of mind. Should any doubt arise about legal capacity, a medical report may be obtained confirming the person's ability to conduct his or her own financial affairs.

An EPA is a very important document which must be executed while you still have mental capacity that means it must be in place before you suffer any ill health that affects your ability to make informed decisions.  We can assist you to prepare your EPA and provide advice detailing the benefits of having an EPA in place.


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