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Everyone needs a will, but nearly half of all Australians don’t have one.  If you do not have a will then you do not have the opportunity to choose who will receive your property or who manages your estate when you die.  Without a will your estate will be distributed in accordance with ‘intestacy laws.’  That means the person you intended to benefit from your estate may not receive anything or their share may be greatly reduced.

An example: Sally is 60yrs, a widower with two adult sons, Tom 35 and Jerry 40yrs, who regularly visited and generally took care of her.  Sally owns the family home, an audi car and has substantial funds in her bank approximately $300,000. Sally finds a new partner, Larry 55yrs. They live together in her home, happily for the next 5 years. Sally dies without a will. 

Question. Who will Sally’s estate be distributed to, her sons or Larry? 

Answer: In the ACT the laws of succession determine that Larry will be entitled to inherit the first $200,000 of the estate and a further 1/3 of the remaining estate.  Her sons will only be entitled to share 2/3 of the remaining estate.

Let us assist you to ensure your estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes. Remember where there’s a will there’s a way to ensure your estate is distributed in the manner you choose.     


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